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Durable, superior protection on metal and concrete surfaces.

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Security and esthetics are all together on asphalt surfaces

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Products that will make your life easier, make your living places like heaven

About Us

Pera Dye

Pera dye production facility built on 4000 m2 in BOSB, Tuzla, Şekerpınar with compact facility planning for active and efficent production in 2000. Our company that grows in time, doubled it’s land for better service and be capable of bigger steps towards future in 2011. ...Contunue


Coloring every life with Pera


• We will make sure improve the structures while they are becoming more beautiful.
• While improving ourselves, we will contribute for our industry to progress.
• We will work for making our products and services flawless.
• We will give what they deserve to everyone and every foundation that takes a role in our work and get affected from our work.


All products produced at our facilities and used chemicals are top-quality, environment-friendly, and appropriate to World standards. Pera Dye adopts that environment-friendly production principle and shows top priority to the environment with chemical treatment facility and biological treatment facility that works integrated.

Our Product Groups

Pera Dye is heading to the top with Exterior Dyes, Rapid Industrial Dyes, Peramel Synthetic Dyes and Interior Dyes.

Pera Industrial Dyes

We coloring the industry and protecting the products with our Industrial Dyes.

Pera Exterior Dyes

We are coloring the cities with our Pera Exterior Dyes.

Peramel Synthetic Dyes

Peramel Synthetic is not fading, resin based, decorative looking final coat with, strong adhesion high covering abilites, surface protection.

Pera Dye Interior Colors

Whenever you want, that much you want, color you want from among endless colors, in a single machine.


You can read the topics below for your questions.

  • Description of the Dye

    Dye is defined as a chemical material that makes a decorative and protective layer when it applied on a surface. This material is a chemical mixture that includes four main factors and formulized within certain principles.

    Pigments and filling materials
    Chemical Additives
    Solvents (Solvent + water)

  • If mention about customer expectations, expectations from a good dye of painters and customers needed here;

      Thinning Power
      Easy Usage

  • First of all, you should pick the right dye fort he surface and if any assistant material needed, it must suit the dye and surface. You should prefer top-quality product. Cheap and low quality dyes cost as top-quality dyes based on square meter. Saving for a little amount can cause bigger damage further. You can find dye, coating and thinner from every quality in the market. But for a better result, ir is recomended to use proper dye, coating and thinner fort he surface.

    You should check if the product meets the TSE Standards and producter company has ISO 9000 certificate.

    It should be tested on a small area if the color fits the area that you want to apply on.

  • First, all of the equipment that needed completely for the dye you want to apply.

      Most important rule of painting is same brand must be used in same system.

      Instuctions on the decided product must be followed.

      Any paint shouldn’t be applied on dirty and dampy surface. The surface must be prepared according to dye type. If there are any arcitechtural mistakes, they should be fixed.

      Wait 3 or 4 weeks for first painting of cemented or concrete surfaces.

      All dyes should be mixed properly with proper mixer in their package before application.

      Wood protecting products, cellulosic filling varnish and epoxy group products must mixed again in any other container after they mixed in their package. The paints shouldn’t be used in too hot or too cold atmosphere.

      Painting must be done as thin layers.
      Dye shouldn’t be thinned more than the thinning ratio on the package and no additions should made as dust or liquid to the dye.

      For the best adhesion, shiny surface must flatten.
      For use the rest dye in future, it’s own thinner should be added enough to covers its surface without mixing and stored as closed in cold atmosphere.

  • Before starting to paint moisten your hand, this makes you make cleaning easier. Do not clean your hands with thinner, this vanishes layer of oil on your hand and makes your skin crack. Synthetic dyes and coatings, oil-paints, varnishes and thinners are flammable materials; they must be stored strict closed at air-conditioned places, away from electrical leaks. Do not try to put out burning dye, thinner and varnish with water, water will strengthen the fire. If available, use a fire extinguisher or you can control the fire with wet blanket or something like that. Dyes thinned with water does not poses danger, there may be respiration problems because synthetic dyes and thinners volatilise, the oxygen in the area may be decrease, because of this, products without lead and aroma should be preferred and ventilation must be done properly. If it spits the body, especially eyes must washed with plenty of soap and rinsed with water; hands, face and skin must be wiped with soapy cloth and rinsed with lots of water.



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